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Ergonomic solution for vehicles and industry

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

The tilt function enables the possibllity to use new space in an ergonomic fashion.

• Gives access to drawer contents at and above shoulder heightAccuride, Liljenberg, Teleskopskena, Tiltfunktion
• Angle of tilt is preset by installer
• Load rating up to 65kg
• Aluminium track in two lengths
• The bumper wheels dampen and smooth out the movement, even when fully loaded
• Fully adjustable from the front and with the drawer in place
• Corrosion resistant
• Can be used with the locking handle kit, DBHAND
See also the news “New solution for central locking mechanism”

New solution for central locking mechanism

Monday, December 17th, 2012

A handle for centrally located locking of wide drawers

This is a must for most emergency vehicles, as well as for the handyman in the field.

• Suitable for drawers up to 1.5m wide Accuride, DB hand, Liljenberg, Teleskopskena, Låssystem
• Centrally located push-button lock mechanism
• Two locking options
• Corrosion resistant
• Light weight and easy to install
• Suitable for use with slides of 17.5mm thickness and above

The standard handle kit has lock-in, but a lock-out conversion kit is a simple and cost-effective add-on to give total stability to the drawer when fully opened.

Advantages of BeCode EVO+

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

BeCode Evo+, kodlås, elektroniskt kombinationslås

• Fits standard drill hole and cam locks
• Quick and easy operation / time savings
• Better protection against destruction through vandalism
• No key or transponder required
• More than 1 million UserCode variations
• More than 10 billion MasterCode variations
• Comfortable to handle (ergonomic)
• Master function
•  Wireless installation
• Abort function for incorrect code entry
• No external programming devices needed
• Can be used right/left hand