About Liljenberg

Liljenberg AB was founded in 1972 by Ingemar Liljenberg, representing Euro-Locks / Lowe & Fletcher. In the beginning of 1980, the business expanded with slides representing Accuride.

For more than 20 years, Liljenberg has focused on sourcing solutions of customer-specific goods/components from low cost countries.

Hagbrand Holding AB acquired Liljenberg AB in 2005 and launched new
initiatives for the future. Liljenberg moved to new facilities in 2008, ensuring an improved service level to customers.

A Chinese subsidiary based in Shanghai was established in January 2011, which operates as a local base in Asia, particularly for Liljenbergs subcontractors.

Liljenberg – Your sourcing partner

Liljenberg cooperates with large and medium-sized corporations and businesses in Scandinavia, which are trying to reduce the cost of customer specific components through sourcing. As a partner Liljenberg integrates in to the customer’s supply chain in order to optimize flows.

Liljenberg AB is certified ISO 9001:2008


15 December, 2011

Liljenberg – distributors wanted

Liljenbergs expansion continues also geographically and therefore we have decided to seek partners, distributors, which can help us penetrate new markets better.

Primarily distributors suited for the business area “sourcing”, but also part of our “products” assortment. See www.liljenberg.se for more information about our business areas.

13 February, 2011

February 2011

We are proud to welcome Yi Zhang who will be the manager for Liljenbergs subsidiary in China. He is originally from Shanghai, China, and has a solid education with a master from Sweden and has gained significant experience within the supply and quality area, working with Swedish companies in China.
We are confident that both customers and suppliers will benefit from his efforts.

13 February, 2011

January 2011

Liljenberg has established new offices in the Shanghai Central Plaza, creating opportunities for meetings with both new and current customers as well as subcontractors.

Sida 2 av 3123

Brighter times

Beachfront by Jonas Bonnevier

Shanghai office


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