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What can you do with a CNC machine?

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

There is actually no limitations what is possible to create with a CNC machine. There are several different machines for every purpose. The clip below is an example of what is happening inside the machine.

New possibilities within investment casting

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Investment casting now available for large-sized parts

Liljenbergs partners has made important investments in production capacity. This makes it possible to produce large-sized parts in big quantities using investment casting. As the requests have been many this will decrease costs for those who take action. The partners are both experienced and competent as well as used to handle parts with very high demand on quality.

Liljenberg is very pleased to finally be able to offer this cost saving potential

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
Merry Christmas
With this greeting to all loved ones, clients and suppliers, friends and acquaintances, we hope that you will have a peaceful and Merry Christmas!
Hopefully you will not have to work in the days between christmas and new years eve, but should that be the case, feel safe, we are on site and can send any urgent orders.
Liljenberg AB is only closed during evenings and holidays.
From all of us at Liljenberg we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!