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Liljenberg – your employee in China

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Liljenberg offers external services in China and Taiwan.

In Asia Liljenberg is currently in the next phase as external services are now offered. Several have been in contact with Liljenberg for help with their own manufactures, often in connection with problems. The focus has been on own manufacturers and experiences has been very positive. The service is now offered externally and this means that Liljenbergs actively take on assignments for other companies. Typical support includes negotiation, contracts, disputes, conditions, audits, supplier evaluations, deliveries and of course quality assurance.

— I am very pleased that we now can help other companies. Our country manager Yi Zhang, has done a phenomenal work. We have so far said no to external requests and it feels good to now be able to offer support. What surprised me greatly is the positive response of Chinese speaking manufacturers and suppliers. Close cooperation and assured working relations
lead to better conditions.

Liljenberg have supplied sourcing solutions for customer-specific components from low cost countries in more than 20 years. The large contact network that has been built up over the years as well as the experiences ensures quality. Liljenberg has a local presence with subsidiaries and employees

Liljenberg – distributors wanted

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Liljenbergs expansion continues also geographically and therefore we have decided to seek partners, distributors, which can help us penetrate new markets better.

Primarily distributors suited for the business area “sourcing”, but also part of our “products” assortment. See for more information about our business areas.


Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

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