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A152 – mechanical combination lock

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

A new innovative combination lock from our main lock supplier Euro-Locks, the lock has many features and has been widely accepted as a competitive lock instead of the standard cylinder lock. Below you can find some of the advantages that A152 offers.

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- Automatic code scrambling by lock operation

-  Codefinding via Master key

- Emergency opening via Master key

- Right-Hand and Left-Hand versions available

- Available in black and silver finishing

- Surface and Built-in mounting possible

- For panel thickness from 0.5mm  to 22mm

- For cam piercing Nr.7

- Mazak lock housing and knob

- For cam thicknesses of 2.0mm,  2.5mm and 3.0 mm

- Only for indoor use (no IP-protection)

A199 – Combination Lock

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Designed for use on an extensive range of metal and wooden enclosures, this intuitive mechanical code entry lock has a mechanical key override and the ability for the end user to set and change their own personal entry code. It is supplied with a choice of cams and can be set to left or right hand mode by the flick of a switch on the rear of the lock.
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DS0305 – Stainless steel medium duty slide with lock-out and front disconnect

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

This high grade stainless steel slide is ideal for food, electronic enclosures, military, chemical storage, garages, locker rooms, marine applications; also for vending machine containers for easy removal of waste, etc.

The lock-out feature makes the drawer stable and disconnect enables quick and effortless access for installation, repairs and cleaning.

Features & benefits:
• High grade stainless steel
• Load rating up to 70kg (10,000 cycles)
• 100%+ extension
• 19.1mm slide thickness
• Lock-out
• Front disconnect