Liljenberg sources industry with casted components in steel, stainless, aluminum, zinc and other metals achieving highly competitive prices and low tool costs. In addition to mechanical processing (machining), surface treatment is of course included if specified.

Liljenbergs partners are ISO9001 certified and offer competitive prices with high quality and short lead times. For more than 20 years we have co-operated with manufacturers in Asia, especially China and Taiwan. JIT deliveries are secured from own warehouse in Vellinge.

Precision casting (investment casting) also known as lost wax.
The method precision casting is cost-effective even at small series thanks to a relatively low tooling cost and especially suitable for complicated components in materials such as steel, stainless, aluminum etc.

Process: A mould is manufactured in aluminum. A wax model is cast and assembled onto a tree which is covered by multiple layers of a special ceramic sand mixture. The ceramic mould is baked in an oven. After the wax is lost the ceramic mould is filled with any liquid metal. After cooling the ceramic mould is removed and the part is cleaned and processed.

Pressure casting
A casting method using a two-part mould that can be opened and closed. When the mould is closed is the cavity is completely sealed. Melted metal is added under high pressure and thus filling the cavity completely. The mould is then cooled with fluids to maintain the correct quality ensuring fast cycle times.

Pressure casting is a method that is very cost effective in large series, due to the relatively high tool cost.


22 January, 2017

New possibilities within investment casting

Investment casting now available for large-sized parts

Liljenbergs partners has made important investments in production capacity. This makes it possible to produce large-sized parts in big quantities using investment casting. As the requests have been many this will decrease costs for those who take action. The partners are both experienced and competent as well as used to handle parts with very high demand on quality.

Liljenberg is very pleased to finally be able to offer this cost saving potential

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