Liljenberg offers locks for industrial applications and Euro-Locks complete assortment has been distributed since 1972. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of locks with 6 plants in three continents with 110 years of experience.

The range consists of furniture locks, cylinder locks, combination locks, coin locks, electronic locks, etc. This combined with the solid experience Liljenberg holds, we know almost all applications.

The products are of the utmost quality and are delivered from our warehouse located in Vellinge.


30 March, 2016

3784 Flush Fit & 3785 Flush Fit RFID

Again, Euro-Locks responded to the markets demand.

Now can offer one of the best digital/mechanical locks suited for flush fit mounting. The lock offers a more attractive design when assembled, than the surface mounted 3780.
It is available in black or silver, for right or left hand door as well as for vertical mounting. Technically corresponds to the 3780.

Euro-Locks also take the opportunity to present 3785 Flush Fit RFID. Size mm is the same as 3784, but here with the advantage of RFID.
It is possible to implement in any system using 13,56MHz. Technically it corresponds to the Euro-Locks 3783 RFID.

Flush fit,

22 October, 2014

3783 – Digital/mechanical code lock with RFID

During the time we had 3780 in our catalogue, almost daily have we received questions about the possibility of using RFID in conjunction with lock 3780 and now, now we can finally introduce Euro-Lock digital / mechanical lock with RFID – 3783

It is compatible with most RFID and NFC standards.
You can use it as either a “stand-alone lock” or integrate it into existing systems.
It will be launched in mid / late October.

We hope to unveil it during Elmia Subcontractor November 11 to 14, where we as usual at stand C01: 15

A warm welcome!

8 October, 2014

3781 – Digital/mechanical code lock for wet enviroments

Euro-Lock has developed the lock 3780 and has developed a lock that is specifically adapted and suitable for wet environments such as locker rooms, swimming pool areas etc.

It has extra rubber seal on the back and on the front is there extra a cover.

This prevents moisture from entering into the locks sensitive parts & it gives a much longer life.

For more information, click on the image

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