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Liljenberg has over 30 years supplied telescopic slides to Scandinavian industries, woodworking and interior design companies. Accuride is a world leader in its field with a full range and Liljenberg offers fast deliveries from a well assorted warehouse.

Of course Liljenberg have gathered experience and deep technical expertise over the years. Additionally to offering our customers technical solutions, such as self-closing, soft closing, lockable, detachable slides etc., we also help in the technical development of new products.

We have divided the market into five different segments: Automotive, Domestic Appliances, General/Industrial, Woodworking and Enclosures/Telecommunications. Customer-specific products can also be offered when the requirements are unique and the volumes are relevant.

Telescopic slides available in standard length of 150 mm up to 2400 mm, weights ranging from 10-15 kg up to 400 kg. We offer these slides in stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc coated. This wide range of products covers almost all needs.


2 December, 2015

Linear layer – DA0116RC

Accuride has developed a linear bearing for large and heavy sliding doors, here’s a report from a hospital project in England.

Linear layer called DA0116RC available in 2.4 and 3.6m length, these aluminum sections you cut to the desired length and drill the mounting holes. Depending on need, you add carriages.
A protective cover is needed for the carriages in heavier loaded applications, as well as when a damper is installed. More facts can be found here

2 December, 2015


Accurides telescopic rail DZ9301 is now available in the length 54 inches and  available in standard lengths from 10 to 60 inches. See table:

The same profile 9301, is a stronger finish, with the prefix DP, up to and including length 48 inches.

8 May, 2014

Additional lengths added to enhance slide range, 100kg slide


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