Telescopic slides

Liljenberg has over 30 years supplied telescopic slides to Scandinavian industries, woodworking and interior design companies. Accuride is a world leader in its field with a full range and Liljenberg offers fast deliveries from a well assorted warehouse.

Of course Liljenberg have gathered experience and deep technical expertise over the years. Additionally to offering our customers technical solutions, such as self-closing, soft closing, lockable, detachable slides etc., we also help in the technical development of new products.

We have divided the market into five different segments: Automotive, Domestic Appliances, General/Industrial, Woodworking and Enclosures/Telecommunications. Customer-specific products can also be offered when the requirements are unique and the volumes are relevant.

Telescopic slides available in standard length of 150 mm up to 2400 mm, weights ranging from 10-15 kg up to 400 kg. We offer these slides in stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc coated. This wide range of products covers almost all needs.


18 December, 2012

Ergonomic solution for vehicles and industry

The tilt function enables the possibllity to use new space in an ergonomic fashion.

• Gives access to drawer contents at and above shoulder heightAccuride, Liljenberg, Teleskopskena, Tiltfunktion
• Angle of tilt is preset by installer
• Load rating up to 65kg
• Aluminium track in two lengths
• The bumper wheels dampen and smooth out the movement, even when fully loaded
• Fully adjustable from the front and with the drawer in place
• Corrosion resistant
• Can be used with the locking handle kit, DBHAND
See also the news “New solution for central locking mechanism”

17 December, 2012

New solution for central locking mechanism

A handle for centrally located locking of wide drawers

This is a must for most emergency vehicles, as well as for the handyman in the field.

• Suitable for drawers up to 1.5m wide Accuride, DB hand, Liljenberg, Teleskopskena, Låssystem
• Centrally located push-button lock mechanism
• Two locking options
• Corrosion resistant
• Light weight and easy to install
• Suitable for use with slides of 17.5mm thickness and above

The standard handle kit has lock-in, but a lock-out conversion kit is a simple and cost-effective add-on to give total stability to the drawer when fully opened.

24 November, 2012

New heavy duty slide added to Quick Ship range

The new slide in the 4100 group of slides has 100%+ extension
These slides in aluminium are both light weight and tough
Load rating up to 150kg, with 120% travel.
The slide thickness is only 26.5mm and has stainless steel ball retainer and ball bearings
As it is corrosion resistant it’s suitable in the toughest environment, in vehicles, as well as where it is humid or wet.
These slides are for vertical (side) mounting only

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